A 90m2 warm roof new build extension with 3 skylights and a 25m2 terrace with two adjoining gutters.

To obtain the appropriate U-values and correct falls, we erected a VCL followed by mechanically fixed tapered insulation to ply from 150mm to 120mm on the main roof. To complete the project, we placed an Evalon VSK self-adhered membrane that extends up and over the parapet and is capped with bespoke aluminum capping. Three of the skylights will have skylights fitted, while the third will be left open and finished with unique capping. Three pre-formed vertical internal outlets were placed; they are unobtrusive and provide a smooth and tidy finish to the roof. The terrace consisted of a 25m2 cold roof with a surrounding parapet and VSK carried up and over it, which will be finished with bespoke capping. The two adjoining 9m hidden gutters and terrace were waterproofed with a 20-year warranty by fully attaching Evalon VSK directly to ply.