This project was a full property restoration and extension for the new owner who required disabled access and a hydrotherapy suite.

The new indoor swimming pool and therapy chamber are now housed in the new flat roof extension that wraps around two sides of the old building. This warm roof installation began with a fully attached Stratavap self-adhered vapor control layer. Stratavap is ideal for high-humidity environments and offers long-term performance. We then put 140mm PIR insulation and a properly adhered Alwitra VSK single-ply membrane on top of that. We removed the previous pitched roof off the front of the house and replaced it with a mono-pitch. To complement the property's main pitched roof, we built a new timber batten, a breather membrane, and salvaged tiles. We finished the tile hanging as well as the mono-pitched roof. Lead welding across the property's abutment to the mono-pitch was followed by the installation of a new lead tray around the flat roof's abutment wall.